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mid-fat, very responsive and tolerant - the camox is especially good for all-terrain conditions.

the camox is a great all-round ski thanks to a tip and tail which are efficient on soft snow and a solid flex underfoot which gives good grip on hardpack.


186.1  tip 130cm waist 97cm tail 11.5cm radius 18m

181.2 tip 127cm waist 97cm tail 11.4 cm radius 18m

174.6 tip 12.5cm waist 97cm tail 11.2cm radius 18m

we felt inspired by the atris when rebuilding this ski, so we have changed it from a single rocker to a double rocker and added an ABS sidewall. this fusion resulted in a ski that is more playful yet more powerful. for a ski at 97mm underfoot its pivot in powder and crud is something we have never achieved before. i’m really proud of this ski. - Camille Jaccoux

all new for 2016, the all-mountain camox has been profoundly modernised to strike a balance between an all mountain ski and a powder ski. The new camox is for the guy who is looking for an all mountain ski that maximizes enjoyment whatever the conditions, from all morning powder to spring slush. With a poplar wood core laced with kevlar stripes, the new camox has a forgiving yet responsive flex pattern, while its spoon-shaped nose gives you impressive float in powder and crud. Yet with a dual side-cut and a 97mm width underfoot, tilt it over on the groomers and you will find an uber responsive ski that holds a remarkable rail through the turn.

double rocker

the double rocker shape gives the camox greater maneuverability in soft snow and superior control in difficult snow conditions. While under the foot, a mild camber shape gives good bite on hard snow and stability at speed.

ABS sidewall

the ABS sidewall absorbs vibrations and increases torsional rigidity for a more comfortable ride.

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