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Werewolf is our new freetouring ski – extremely light, with its achieved flex and torsion corresponding with standard freeride skis when it comes to mounting light touring bindings. They also strike with their design simplicity and true elegance. We have designed Werewolf skis using the best components, like carbon and carbon-kevlar fibres. This allowed us to build light skis, which support dynamic responsiveness and riding stability even in the sketchiest weather conditions. Thanks to shifting the widest point of the ski, the ski’s sidecut is reduced – this allows for better edge grip while traversing (and means you can now stand on the entire ski while going up the slope, rather than on ski’s tips and tails as it is in the case of most touring skis). This stable support is extremely important especially in a very diverse terrain. Additionally, the tip rocker guarantees very comfortable powder riding, and the under-the-boot section of the ski can be effectively used in almost all snow conditions, regardless of the time of the season. Werewolf tails have also an extra feature – a solution most welcome by spring touring enthusiasts, who constantly ski in heavy snow. The tails are straight, but slightly arched up over a short segment of the ski. This allows to release the edge grip and slide down the slop in a controlled manner when needed. 

The textolite plate allows for mounting a range of freetouring bindings produced by different binding manufacturers. 


Designed for: freetouring, freeride 
Construction: semi hybrid + elliptical rocker 

Length / sidecut / radius / 1 ski weight / 1 ski area:
166cm / 118-88-108mm / 20,4m / 1,1kg / 0,160m2 
175cm / 120-90-110mm / 23,3m / 1,2kg / 0,173m2 
184cm / 122-92-112mm / 26,2m / 1,35kg / 0,185m2



Shape: directional
Flex: directional 
Flex ratio: 7
Fiberglass: triax
Full carbon construction
Rocker type: 220mm (tips)
Core: paulownia
Base: fast base IS7200
Extras: textolit plate, carbon/kevlar fibres



Cat-back Profile - Camber
more confidence and control in takeoff and landing

Paulovnia woodcore
extreme light core for overall weight reduction

90' ABS Sidewall
the toughest construction that keeps the edges stronger and safer

High Speed Base - IS7200
very fast base for freeride and big air

Carbon-Kevlar fiber stringers
from tip to tail give increased pop and long life flex

Shock Absorbers
extra protection for edges and core structure

Fang edge
solution for extra edge grip and power transmission

lightweight makes it easier. Thinner sections in wood core reduce the weight of skis

Elliptical rocker (ERT)
rocker based on the radius of an ellipse. Stunning performance

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