SKIN KOHLA MULTIFIT MIX 156-162CM/120MM View larger



Safe in all kinds of situations and terrains

The updated Peak (Mixmohair) line was developed for everyday use and has its focus on the balanced combination of excellent grip conditions and selected gliding. We recommend this product to everyone who enjoys on-piste or glacier tours. This is due to the better durability and abrasion of the mixmohair as opposed to pure mohair.

  • Specific solvent-free Hot-Melt glue
  • Application range up to -30°C
  • Changeable tip attachment
  • Mixmohair (65% mohair/35% nylon)
  • Exclusive speed webbing
  • Water-resistant fluorocarbon impregnation
  • Solvent-free coating
  • Polyester-cotton back layer system
  • PA and TPE plastic parts
  • Stainless steel tip attachment
  • K-Clip spring back attachment
  • Tear-resistant end bandle (max. 120 newton)

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